18+ Driving Courses for Adults

Whether you are new to Arizona, or have just been putting off the inevitable, we are here to help with the unique challenges of the adult who is now ready to “Get Behind-the-Wheel”. This course addresses these challenges by teaching at a slower pace and includes one-to-one classroom instruction in addition to “Behind-the-Wheel”.

Each 2 hour lesson will be about 30 minutes explanation/demonstration and 90 minutes in car. The explanation/demonstration part will go over the the Road Rules and how to interpret the Road Signs in a practical manner. It will also focus on the maneuvers that will be taught at each lesson and to prepare the student for what will be expected of them while on our roads. The Behind-the-Wheel part will cover proper use of mirrors, steering, braking, lane control, backing, parking, managing on roads of varying degrees of difficulty, how to share the road with other vehicles, and more!

We know that convenience is key! We offer the option of providing our in-car, behind the wheel driving course, from your homeyour work, or our office, whichever you choose. Daytime hours only, for your convenience!

This lesson is designed specifically for students 18 and older.


  • Pick up / Drop off at home, school or work
  • One-to-one training and pre-instruction
  • Road rules review and application
  • Road-test preparation
  • Defensive driving training
  • Freeway instruction (if qualified)
  • Evaluation after each lesson
  • Homework

10 Hour – 18+ Course – It’s time to get started!

$550 at office / $599 door-to-door

10 Hours (5 Days, 2 Hours each day)

This defensive behind the wheel driving course is designed for those who have had no experience driving on the road. Our state licensed driving trainer will cover proper use of mirrors, steering, braking, lane control, backing, parking, managing on roads of varying degrees of difficulty, evaluations,  and more! The goal for this course is to give the student enough car control and understanding of road rules so they can continue to practice safely towards Driver Independence.


18+ Course Part II w/ Training Completion Certificate* – Optional

$220 at office / $240 door-to-door

4 Hours (2 Days, 2 Hours each day)

Once the student feels road ready, and all 18+ Course Part I homework has been completed and turned in, you may schedule this part. Upon demonstrating adequate driver independence, and successful completion of our final evaluation, a Training Completion Certificate* will be issued.


*Training Completion Certificate (TCC): Successful completion of our 14 hour course and a passing score on our road/skills evaluation is required before an ADOT/MVD Road Test Waiver will be issued.

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