We are locally owned and operated here in Chandler, AZ

At Chandler Driving School we understand the challenges of being a new driver.

We also understand the responsibilities of teaching someone to drive. Because it’s all we do, we focus on giving effective and practical behind-the-wheel instruction. Chandler Driving School is committed to making learning to drive a safe, stress-free and logical process. We offer various driving package options in order to meet the needs of students with differing levels of experience. When scheduling driving lessons, we take into consideration school and work schedules.

Why Choose Chandler Driving School?

All of our driving lessons are Behind the Wheel, NO Simulators.
We believe being ‘Behind the Wheel’ is the only effective way to learn. They have been simulating driving since they were kids; riding bikes, playing with toy cars, playing video games. It’s now time to Get Behind the Wheel (although it might be a bit scary the first time)

Our lessons are 2 hours long, NO exhausting 3 hour lessons.
We feel that 3 hours is just too long for a lesson, it’s exhausting for the student and it’s too much information for the them to fully understand, practice and remember completely.

We only teach one student at a time, NO other students in the car.
There is not much learned by observing a fellow student drive, they have been observers their whole lives, Behind the Wheel is the only approach we use. Besides, we would NEVER have your child ride along while an inexperienced student is driving.

We teach the application of the road rules during the lesson, NO classroom time.
This reinforces what they learned while studying for their permit and fills in any gaps or misunderstanding they may have about the law.


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Our Cars

Learn more about the Chandler Driving School cars, and why these are the right vehicles for our behind-the-wheel driving lessons. LEARN MORE